About us

About Armadale Hardware & Building Supplies

We are a third generation family owned hardware business, and we have been serving the Armadale community for over 50 years.

Opened in the 60’s  by Norm Ladner the store has been in the hands of the family since its inception. It was passed onto his son in law, Roy Green, who ran the business for 35 years before passing it on to his son Darren, and one day Darren will pass the family business onto his own kids.

Over the years we have watched Armadale evolve from a sleepy country town to a bustling modern city. We have been proud to serve the Armadale community over the past half century, and we will continue to provide our community with the best Product range, service and knowledge that the hardware and building industry has to offer.

Every year we sponsor a team in the Avon Descent, Darren himself even drives the boat.

We’ve been MAKIT Members since day one, and we’re proud to be a part of the MAKIT team.